The AI avatar generator that pays the artists.

Artists shouldn’t be abandoned for AI. That’s why when you create your AI avatars, we pay a portion of those proceeds to any artists whose styles were used in your collection.

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For artists

Earn money every time someone uses your art.

Signing up is easy. You submit your existing artwork and our AI learns from your style. When a user generates an avatar inspired by your style, you receive a royalty. Simple as that. You still maintain ownership of your artwork, and can remove it upon request. Once removed, the AI will not use your artwork or style.

For users…

Generate the highest quality avatars on the market.

Not all AI is created equal. We’ve spent countless hours on our patent pending process to train our AI in creating the best avatars available.

1. Download the app

2. Take your photos

3. Receive AI avatars

Artist empowerment through AI

Generate art and support your favorite artists

Ascendant Art strives towards harmony between artists and AI. The core of this belief is recognizing that artists are the foundation of AI generated art and should be appropriately compensated. That’s why every time you choose an artist’s style to generate your avatars, the artist earns a commission from your purchase.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Ascendant Art cost?
Our patent-pending process allows us to create the best quality avatars for the best price in the business:
$0.99 for 10 avatars.
$3.99 for 50 avatars.
$6.99 for 100 avatars.
$9.99 for 100 avatars.
Who owns the images Ascendant Art creates?

They are created under a license for personal use like posting on social media or to use in your own works like videos.

Can I get a refund?

Everytime an Avatar is created, it takes massive amounts of computing power to train the AI on your likeness, so unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. If you are unhappy with your avatars, more can be generated.

How long does it take to receive avatars?

It takes 10-20 minutes to train the AI and return the avatars to you. You will receive a push notification via iOS when they are ready.